Our business strategy is to find co-development partners who are able to successfully contribute to a joint development. To this end, we seek partners who can contribute to successfully develop our product portfolio of marine origin in Europe, USA and Japan. PharmaMar retains commercialization rights for Europe while granting licenses for all territories outside of Europe.
Currently we have four partners: Jonhson & Johnson and Medimetriks for EEUU, Taiho for Japan and Marinomed for Europe.
  • Out-licensing: We are currently open to initiate discussions on co-development and commercialization partnerships for three of our compounds in the pipeline: Aplidin® (plitidepsin), Irvalec® (PM02734) and Zalypsis® (PM00104)
  • In-licensing: PharmaMar is interested in evaluating late-stage or on-the-market in-licensing opportunities in the Oncology area (both solid and hematological tumors as well as supportive care) for commercialization in Europe by PharmaMar’s expanding Oncology sales force.
Research & Discovery:
PharmaMar has established an extensive worldwide collaborative network including more than 60 centres of marine biology, chemistry, and cancer biology research. We continue seeking to establish collaborations with local governments and institutions for the exploration of local biodiversity and establishing joint drug discovery programs for novel marine-derived anticancer compounds.
Potent cytotoxics available for Antibody-Drug Conjugates
In recent years, PharmaMar identified a number of cytotoxic compounds with activity in the low  nanomolar or picomolar range which may be suitable for an Antibody-Drug Conjugate approach.
We offer any interested company to purchase access to our compound database with the right to select one or more compounds for such approach.
Given our extensive expertise in the field, we optionally can provide additional chemical support: synthesis or fermentation and production in a scale adequate for full development.
Library of 200'000 extracts from 100´000 different marine organisms available for drug screening

Over the past 25 years, PharmaMar has assembled the world's largest library of extracts from more than 100'000 different marine organisms, of which about 30'000 are microorganisms and more than 70'000 invertebrate organisms, reflecting the extraordinary biodiversity of the sea.
PharmaMar is offering access to this unique asset for drug screening in a broad range of therapeutic areas.
Optionally, PharmaMar can be contracted to assist in the further processing of positive hits resulting from the screening: identification, structure chemistry and synthesis of the active compound.

For any enquiries regarding in- or out-licensing opportunities, please contact our Business Development & Licensing Department at: bdl@pharmamar.com or call +34 91 846 6064 (Heiner Pieper, VP Business Development & Licensing).